Should I do LSD or Mushrooms first?


May 10, 2020
It’s like everything:
The right dose will make the difference. Doesn’t really matters if shrooms or tickets cause both are psychedelics with similar effects.
Tickets can goes around 12 hours or longer. I would say that’s the main difference.
But always remember: Less is more!
Psychedelics can start really slow and you could thought there’s no effect. Just wait for it, you will get a feeling but it could takes a couple of time before it starts. My first Trip on LSD started after 3 or 4 hours.

Especially when it’s your first time and you having now the feeling then first you get used to it. If it’s okay for you and your feeling's great then you can higher the dose anytime if you want but for the beginning I do not recommend you to overdo it. Trust me.

If you doesn’t have any experience with drugs in general especially with psychedelics then you have to know how important is the setting. Your location, the People around you and also of course your physical and mental strength too. If you have to struggle actually then it would be to wait.

And don’t forget to drink! Dehydration are drugs death!

Hopefully I could give you some useful hints.
Im pretty sure you gonna be enjoy to getting trippy and I wish you a really great journey!

Maybe you can share your experience, would love to take notice 🤗




May 12, 2020
I had done once don't know what's was going around it was I wws conscious of outside environment but still didn't cared much of whatsa hapennin